Hearty, rustic, crackers with delicious savory flavor.  Made with gluten-free, protein-rich, chickpea flour.  JUMP TO RECIPE

Chickpea Parmesan Crackers - Hearty, rustic, crackers with delicious savory flavor. Made with gluten-free, protein-rich chickpea flour and look gorgeous on charcuterie boards. | QueenofMyKitchen.com | #crackers #glutenfreesnack #glutenfreesnacks #glutenfreecrackers #chickpeaflour #glutenfreerecipe #charcuterie #charcuterieboards

I consider crackers a pantry staple but I’m not crazy about most of the choices at the grocery store as many of them contain not-so-healthy ingredients like refined oils, potato starch, and added sugars. That’s why, when I have time, I prefer to make my own and this recipe for Chickpea Parmesan Crackers is probably the one I turn to most. These are hearty, rustic crackers with a firm bite and delicious savory flavor. They’re beautiful on charcuterie boards, taste divine dipped in hummus, and, when broken apart are a fantastic gluten-free substitute for salad croutons. I’m not gonna lie – they’re a little labor intensive to make but are definitely worth the effort!  So, make yourself a cup of tea, put on some music or a podcast, and get to work making these scrumptious crackers. You won’t regret it! (more…)