A quick and easy egg-free Caesar salad dressing and a simple recipe for crispy chickpea croutons.

Avocado Kefir Caesar Salad Dressing - A quick and easy egg-free Caesar salad dressing made with probiotic rich kefir and avocado oil. | QueenofMyKitchen.com #saladrecipes #salad #kefir #caesarsalad

Everyone should have a good Caesar salad recipe in their cooking repertoire, but many people are leery of consuming raw eggs, one of the main ingredients in traditional Caesar salad dressing. Even though the risk of salmonella poisoning from consuming raw eggs is really quite small, I too, am one of those people who just doesn’t like the idea of raw eggs in my salad dressings. I’ve always gotten around this by using a Caesar dressing recipe that calls for mayonnaise instead of raw eggs. The mayonnaise lends creaminess to the dressing and is a great substitute for eggs.  I avoid using store brought mayonnaise because it’s usually made with highly refined oil like soybean oil or canola oil, so when I make this dressing I almost always use homemade mayonnaise.  This can get a little time-consuming though, because you’re actually making two recipes – the mayo and then the dressing.  That’s why I was psyched when I discovered this quick and easy way to make a egg-free, mayonnaise-free, Caesar salad dressing – it can literally be whipped up in under 5 minutes.  Avocado Kefir Caesar Salad Dressing is light, and tangy with classic Caesar salad flavor and, it’s better for gut health than your average Caesar dressing thanks to probiotic rich kefir.