A gluten-free, Greek inspired dish with bold, classic, Mediterranean flavors.

Eggplant Lamb Burgers - A gluten-free, Greek inspired dish with bold, classic Mediterranean flavors. Tahini yogurt sauce is the perfect condiment for these delicious, savory burgers. | QueenofMyKitchen.com

One of the things I love about burgers is the simplicity with which you can vary the ingredients to create different recipes. By playing with the types of meat, cheese, binders, and aromatics you can come up with a variety of delicious combinations to suit a particular theme, occasion, or dietary preference. Here I’m using lamb, feta cheese, and warm Mediterranean spices to create a Greek inspired burger that is topped with tahini yogurt sauce and sandwiched in between slices of grilled eggplant. Eggplant Lamb Burgers are packed with so much rich, savory flavor that you’ll want to make them again and again. (more…)