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#ad Curried Black Rice Veggie Burgers - Delicious, savory veggie burgers that look just like traditional beef burgers. Flavor packed! | QueenofMyKitchen.com | #burger #burgers #veggieburgers #chickpeaburgers #blackrice #forbiddenrice

Plant-based eating has been getting a lot of buzz lately as more and more research supports its association with a lower risk of many chronic diseases. If you’re a meat lover who is concerned about your health you might not want to hear this. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these savory, delicious, Curried Black Rice Veggie Burgers. I won’t claim these burgers taste exactly like ones made with meat, but if you believe the expression “we taste with our eyes first”, then perhaps your stomach will be tricked into believing you’re eating beef burgers! Over the years I’ve come across lots of recipes for veggie burgers but never one where the patties look almost identical to beef burgers, as they do here (check out the picture below). This is due to the recipe’s key ingredient – black rice, which, color aside, has some amazing health benefits. (more…)